Dear Pervert,

Will you be our Valentine?

This year, Perversion’s Val Day gift to you is not chocolate, flowers, a teddy bear, nor a heart-shaped pizza, but rather this special music video premier!


The latest video from Jacksonville orchestral folk band Four Families makes my heart feel like a blooming bouquet of tulips. The “Now | Present” music video showcases the most precious couple ever celebrating their love for one another.


Here’s a statement from Laura and Ace, the adorable real-life couple featured in the “Now | Present” video:

“We often joke that our love story is very gay. Ace, an organizer for Girls Rock Jacksonville, and I, a former staff member at Girls Rock Philly, met at the people of color caucus during the Girls Rock Camp Alliance conference. The work we do, our politics, the liberation we seek is very much a part of the way we love one another.

As two mixed-race queers of color, we have found wholeness with each other; however, we don’t mean that we complete one another, but that through our love, support, and tenderness, we’ve started to find wholeness in a world that often leaves people like us feeling fractured or broken.

We were very excited when Four Families asked us to be a part of their video, both as a way to share queer love and to document a special part of our personal relationship.”

Laura is a queer mixed-race femme who uses she/her pronouns and lives in Los Angeles, CA;  Ace is a mixed-race gender queer cancer who uses they/them pronouns and lives in Jacksonville, FL. And aren’t the two of them just perfect together?

Check out more of Four Families’ music on their Bandcamp page

Article by Hurley Winkler
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