This installation, while ambiguous, challenges the very idea that a female artist making work out of yarn and cloth must be questioned about her domestic ideals. Women are born into stereotypes nonetheless, but often continue the trends all on their own. Tricky enough, this could be for the good or the bad, and it all remains within the individual. This work does not attempt to solve this conundrum but rather highlight it. The materials allude to skin, bones, organs, and the female form, all showing origins from which these trends lie. These found objects create a tension between where these stereotypes come from and how they should be perceived. The titles, very didactic in nature, guide the viewer into one specific frame of reference, yet describe works that are clearly unassociated with those images. While each piece is made up of all of the individual components that go into a doll, afghan, or doily, the use of the materials seem to create anything but. It is a misuse of the material, or in fact exactly the right use.






A Misuse of Women's Work

Installation by Devin Rothwell
See more of this feature in Perversion Magazine Issue Five

Photos by Hannah Varden
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