Whitney Kerney is a denim-clad fashion designer. She saturates herself in pops of bright colors, keeps her white Keds dirt-free, and is inviting you to a party on Friday, May 12th.

The party is not just to celebrate the May 18th launch of her new line, but her coming-of-age story, complete with love, loss, and a girl who finds herself in the end.

The story begins a couple of years ago, when Kerney had a clothing brand called “WIMICK,” heavily inspired by her grandmother.

“My grandma… she was… she IS the woman I want to become, who I strive to be,” Kerney said. “She was sassy, fabulous, and SO talented! Crazy talented! Anything she touched, she turned to gold. She was brilliant when it came to all things art. And she gave the greatest advice. I’d like to think she is living inside of me.”

But when she passed away from cancer in July 2015, Kerney hit a roadblock, creatively.

“I stopped sewing, stopped designing, stopped everything, cold turkey. I was no longer inspired.”

Around the same time, Kerney’s relationship with her then-fiancé ended, and their engagement was called off, throwing the designer for another loop.

“Simply, we weren’t ready,” Kerney said. “I wasn’t ready and had to make the decision to walk away from the relationship, the engagement. I decided to choose myself over settling.”

Fast forward to now, and it’s finally time for Kerney to reveal her new self-titled brand, designed to be a complete reflection of herself outside of anyone else’s shadow.

The brand focuses on the working girl, the trendy girl, and the #girlboss, and the party “offers the trendy, everyday gal the chance to be social and to sparkle, shine, and shop.”

If you’re interested, you can buy the clothes on the official launch date (May 18th, the date of Kerney’s would-be wedding) at whitneykerney.com. All of Kerney’s made-to-order, handmade clothing will be available for pre-order at the party.

If you want to go to the party, you can pre-order tickets here. It’s from 8-10 p.m. on May 12th at 600 King Street.

And if you want to read more about Kerney’s party, her new brand, and her new self, you can do so below:

Perversion Magazine: What is this collection like? What’s different from your previous brand “WIMICK”?

Whitney Kerney: I feel as if this collection is more than just a collection, it’s my story. It’s me deciding to choose myself over settling, it’s me facing fear straight on instead of hiding, it’s me coming into my own and learning it’s okay to be myself, to be Whitney and loving every aspect of that.

PM: You called this brand “100% you”—what makes the line a reflection of you?

WK: Other than the fact it’s my first and last name [haha], it’s a line for the “simple and cool” girl, the “everyday” girl. The girl that is the tomboy, but loves to be a girl. All of that is a definition of me.

PM: Why are you hoping to inspire young working women? What appeals to you about the “trendy, everyday gal” as an audience?

WK: I want to be their little reminder to constantly practice loving yourself, loving yourself as a woman, never forgetting to take care of yourself, not being afraid to learn new things, push the boundaries, or overcome obstacles. Never settling or giving up on your dreams and always, ALWAYS hustle, regardless of what life throws at you. Sprinkle kindness everywhere, surround yourself with people who inspire you and thank the man upstairs every day. Oh! And whatever you do, never forget to have fun along the way and always follow your heart. It’s important!

PM: What can people expect from the launch party?

WK: Glitter and confetti! But, no really… they can expect tons of sassiness, good music, sweet treats, and lots of denim since my “Whitney” collection is all denim. Side Note: I LOVE denim.

Interview by Cassidy Alexander
Photos by Lexi Mire

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